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Combined Metal’s experience with sourcing the right material, punching, stamping, inspection, and packaging, makes us the choice for your circle and blank needs.

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Stainless Steel Punched Blanks & Circles

For decades, Stainless Metal Spinners, Industrial Strainers, and Cookware manufacturers have depended on our high quality pre-cut stainless circles and blanks.  Whether you need dull to a mirror bright finish we have a solution.

We produce our blanks and circles with minimal burr and scratch/pit-free finishes.  Every order is 100% inspected.

Combined Metals has three Cleveland 150-ton presses that are perfect for stamping out stainless steel circles ranging in diameter from 2” to 20”.  Depending on the diameter of these circles, the presses have the ability to produce stainless steel discs from 0.015” to 0.125” thick.

Customers choose Combined Metals for stainless steel circles because our team is highly skilled at producing top-quality circle punch discs.

Next, we work with multiple stainless steel-producing mills to specify the best finish on the coils ready to buff up to a mirror finish.

Circle Punch Process

When stainless steel coils arrive at CMC, they are slit to the right size for stamping these stainless steel circles with the utmost care, using modern equipment designed for mirror finishes.  After the coils are slit to size, the discs are circle punch stamped to size on equipment specially designed for reflective surfaces.  Every piece of equipment that touches the surface of the stainless steel coils has a soft protective coating that does not scratch or mar the discs. Every stainless steel circle stamping disc is hand inspected by our trained operators.  Each one is carefully packaged to avoid damage during shipping.  Manufacturers receive these discs ready to be converted into their finished products.  The result is a great “out of the box experience” for our customers.

We also can produce copper, aluminum, or carbon steel circles.

Stainless Steel Square Blanks

Custom Small Blanks

Gauge: 0.008″ – 0.100″

Min: 3″ x 3″ / Max: 20″ x 120″

Press Capacity up to 150 tons

CMC is the expert in critical finish custom blanks with tight dimensional tolerances, small blanks down to 3” x 3”, and light gauge blanks down to 0.008” (34 Ga.).  Leveled sheets of all materials are also available.


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