Hampshire, IL

Elgiloy Specialty Metals, Hampshire mill, provides stainless steel and specialty alloys to customers purchasing rolled precision strip in quantities from a single coil to truckloads.


Hampshire, IL

Our Hampshire mill boasts 25 acre facility complete with a Sundwig 40” reversing mill.  This mill rolls strip from 0.100” gauge down to 0.002”. Our specialty gauge range is between 0.004” and 0.030”, with the end strip either annealed or tempered.

We utilize two bright anneal furnaces, a 40” Ebner vertical furnace and a 52” Drever horizontal furnace. Between them, these can produce annealed strip products with extremely precise mechanical properties.

The plant houses 40” and 52” precision slitters. These are capable of slitting stainless steels and specialty alloys to thicknesses as thin as 0.0015” and widths as narrow as 0.185”.

Finally, a 52” Herr-Voss tension leveler can level coils to gauges between 0.0035” and 0.048”, with elongation tolerances between plus or minus 0.02%.

With state-of-the-art machinery and a skilled workforce, ESM-Hampshire delivers the best metal strip, time after time, however small the job.

Whatever the customer needs, we can supply it with a fast turnaround and a great price.

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ESM – Hampshire Mill

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