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Elgiloy Specialty Metals, a Combined Metals company, processes nickel alloys rolled to precision gauges with exacting specifications. We precision roll extremely narrow widths up to 40″ wide.

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Nickel Alloy Strip & Foil

Our four complementary precision rolling mills enable us to roll nickel coil to tolerances that are half the industry standards. Our mills offer exceptional gauge control and tension leveling which ensures dimensional and flatness requirements are met.

Elgiloy Specialty Metals offers four 20-high, “Z-Style” rolling mills strategically located across the US. They were built and designed for their unique and complementary capabilities. We can provide a single coil of precision-rolled nickel alloy strip up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.  

Our domestic processing centers are AS9100 D and ISO 9001:2015.

Our multiple mill locations and complementary capabilities allow us the flexibility to roll your strip significantly faster than offshore sources.

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Precision Nickel Strip Coil Capabilities

  • Gauge Range: .0008″ – .060″
  • Tolerance: ½ of industry standard
  • Precision Strip Width: up to 40″ 
  • Tolerance: Contact Us

Nickel Strip Coil Slitting Capabilities

  • Gauge Range: .0008″ – .135″
  • Tolerance: ½ of industry standard
  • Width Range: .024″– 51″ inches 
  • Tolerance: Contact Us

Precision Strip and Coil Finishes for Nickel Alloys

Precision Rolling Locations

Combined Metals and Elgiloy Specialty Metals are premier independent strip and wire processors with a network of service centers providing stainless steels and special metals. Over the past 50 years we’ve added operations and acquired businesses allowing us to provide superior strip and wire to thousands of manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Nickel Alloy Rolling Operations:


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