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Combined Metals provides stainless steel coil-to-coil buffing and polishing as well as precision rolled finishes.


Metal Polishing & Finishing Services

Coil to Coil Stainless Steel Polishing

For decades, Combined Metals has been “coil to coil” stainless steel polishing both top and bottom of the coil, in widths up to 48”. 

We polish coils for countless industries such as Appliance, Architectural, and Truck / Trailer.  No need for third-party processing.  We cut to sheet, blanks, or circles.


Coil-to-Coil Stainless Finish Capabilities:

  • Wet or Dry, #3, #4, #4 fine, #6, #7, #8 Mirror and custom finishes are available from 0.012” (30 Ga.) to 0.120” (12 Ga.)

Stainless Polishing and Buffing Capabilities:

  • Thickness: 0.017″ Min to 0.1″ Max
  • Width: 36″ Min to 48″ Max
stainless steel

Mill-Buffed Polished Stainless Steel:

Combined Metals also offers mill-buffed polished stainless steel.  This finish is highly reflective, obtained by subjecting a bright coiled strip to a continuous buffing pass.

To have strips that are uniform in color and reflectivity, mill buffing is required. Any surface that needs to be receptive to chromium plating requires mill buffing.

This type of finishing is commonly found in automotive and household trim, tableware, utensils, fire extinguishers, and plumbing fixtures.

Precision Rolled Finishes

Our precision rolled products facilities offer standard strip finishes as well as custom rolled finishes that can enhance both appearance as well as improve forming and product performance.  Combined Metals Precision Rolled Products offers standard and special rolled finishes including:

Standard Finishes:

  • Commercial 1BA
  • Smooth/Brite 2BA
  • 1BA Polish Quality
  • Ultra Smooth 2BA

Proprietary Rolled Finishes:

  • 2B Alternative
  • 2D Dull Surface
  • Dull High Friction
  • Lite Matte

Whether you send us your coil for toll processing, purchase our standard gauge coil for polishing, or let us engineer and precision roll your strip in one of our mills, Combined Metals has a solution for you.

Polished stainless steel provides highly sanitary surfaces, perfect for many industries, such as the food industry. Kitchen equipment in commercial kitchens will often be made with polished stainless steel. You see it on sinks, refrigerators, plate-washing equipment, prep tables, ventilation systems, and more.

Polished stainless steel is also used in pharmaceutical applications, where it is used for storage tanks, lab carts, tables, and processing equipment.

We can polish or buff almost any grade of stainless steel.  See our most common grades here.

Other Applications for Polished Stainless Steel Today:


Some of the most famous buildings in the world are housed in polished stainless steel. The Chrysler Building in New York City which was built in 1929 used Type 302 stainless steel (which is similar to the Type 304 of today) for the roof and upper structures.

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur used Type 316 for the outside of the towers. Many tall, super-structures around the world are also housed in polished stainless steel. Commonly, you see it used on gutters, roofing, light poles, elevators, public seating, and signage.

Food and Beverage:

Stainless steel applications of Type 304 and 316 are widely used in food and beverage manufacturing. Aside from commercial kitchens, polished stainless steel can be found in beer vats, milk silos, fruit juice tanks, piping, beer and wine fermenters, cheese vats, serving tables and countertops, and display cabinets. As it is super-easy to clean, polished stainless steel is often a first choice for these applications.


Polished stainless steel has found its way into cars and other vehicles we drive. Automotive exhaust systems, wiper arms, wheel covers, milk tankers, coal wagons, bus frames, and seagoing chemical tankers.

Chemical Processing

Petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and power generation all utilize polished stainless steel. This is a wide and varied market for all types of applications used in these industries. Everything from valves, pumps, mixers, furnace equipment, heat exchangers, pipe, fittings, as well as components for nuclear reactors, and gas and water turbines.

Stainless is Green:

It’s recyclable!  Often, the Nickel-containing grade has a high scrap value. So, much of today’s stainless steel is manufactured using high amounts of scrap stainless steel. There is no sacrifice of quality, but there is a necessary move towards sustainability and protection of the environment.

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