Nickel Alloy Slit Coil

Elgiloy Specialty Metals, a Combined Metals company, provides nickel alloys slit to precision widths from a network of service centers & reroll mills in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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Nickel Alloy Slit Coil Products

Our multiple slitting operations offer an exceptional #3 edge as well as custom packaging, special edges, polishing, buffing, cut-to-length, and blanked squares or circles. Our three mill operations also provide precision rolled nickel strip. Whether your coil is a standard gauge or to extremely tight tolerances and properties, we have a solution.

As an additional service to our precision rolling operation, we provide slitting for gauges from .0008” – .135” in widths from .024” to 51” for prototype-to-truckload orders. 

Our tolerances are often tighter than industry standards. We strive for the best metal shape on every order:

  • Minimum Burr
  • Minimum Camber
  • Maximum Flatness
  • Close Gauge and Width Tolerances

Nickel alloys are often used for high-performance applications where stainless does not offer the corrosion resistance or operating temperature needed. We offer a wide range of nickel alloy strip and wire options. Contact us if you don’t see the alloy you require.

Nickel Slit Coil Capabilities 

  • Gauge: 0.0008″ up to 0.135″ annealed and tempered
  • Width: 0.024” – 51”
  • Our wide capabilities range (up to 51″) gives us a unique ability to supply all of your stainless slit coil needs.

Nickel Coil Processing Options

  • Skiving/Coil Edging is also available in round, broken corner, or square edges.
  • Special Packaging
  • Polishing & Buffing
  • Cut-To-Length
  • Blanking 

Coil Calculator

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